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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Going blonde at Creations

A couple of months back I thought about going blonde but didn't really go for it since I wasn't sure if it would fit me. Then at the beginning of June I decided to go for it but before doing that I looked at a couple of salons where I could get it done. Of course I didn't want to get it at just any salon because bleaching is very damaging and if not done right will leave your hair looking very dry and damaged.

I decided to go to Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon because I got my hair rebonded there last time and I just had a blast. This time I went to their newest and main branch at Cedar Executive Bldg in Makati
Sadly I don't have any photos during the transformation since I was just too excited to get it done.

So here is a recount of my second experience in Creations

Before getting my hair bleached I went to Creations to get a consultation then a few weeks later I set up an appointment to get it done.

As soon as I got there that afternoon they immediately seated me and asked what shade of blonde I wanted and I said platinum blonde. So they proceeded prepare my hair for the bleaching process, they also told me on the things to expect while bleaching. The salon also gave me some magazines to read and a drink to enjoy. Then they proceeded to bleach my hair near the roots, they repeated the process of adding bleach and washing my hair about three times. Then on the fourth time they asked me if I wanted to get it done until the roots and I of course said yes. The staff had warned me that I would feel a burning sensation while getting my roots done and I just had to ask if it will cause any wounds (if anyone had experience with the old way of rebonding that took hours they would get this); and they said no since the bleach they use is different than the ones before. When they applied it to my roots, my scalp started to get warm then it started to burn but nothing I couldnt handle. They washed my hair for the last time and then Lourd Ramos applied the color to make my hair platinum blonde and I got to tell you that was the one that hurt a lot. I believe this is because my scalp had gotten sensitive from the bleaching process.

After the bleaching process I had a Brazilian blowout to keep my hair soft and at least lessen the damage the bleaching had done to my hair

I must say that despite the pain it was just another wonderful and fun experience in that salon. I felt truly pampered and taken care of by the staff and Lourd Ramos himself. They were funny and very encouraging, they distracted me from the pain and told me how nice it was starting to look.

So here are the before and after photos

Before (this was taken a week or so before the procedure)
After with the wonderful Lourd Ramos

I am definitely going back to Creations when I need to get my hair retouched which might be soon since I had my hair done last June 1, so this is a very late blog post LOL

Note: Lourd Ramos told me that my hair bleached easier since it was "virgin hair" meaning it had no previous treatments done to it. So if you are thinking of getting your hair bleached make sure to grow it out so the hair that will be treated is "virgin hair". You could get hot oil treatments or any treatment to make your hair softer/shinier but nothing like rebonding or perming before the bleaching process because it might cause breakage or just damage your hair too heavily

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