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Sunday, April 8, 2012

O.N.E Shea Butter Lip Balm review

Before starting the review, here is a little something about O.N.E Naturales. This was
taken from the official facebook page of O.N.E Naturales
ONE Naturales, a local line of beauty and personal care products will be available in selected SM Department Stores and Watsons nationwide. It is created by Charade Galang, a pharmacist and entrepreneur who thought of starting a line of products that would offer what she calls “natural luxury” at affordable prices.

When I got into make up, I started taking better care of my lips because no matter how pretty the lip color you are wearing if your lips are dry and chapped, it just won’t look good. So I started looking for cheap but good lip balm in the local market. I kept shifting from one brand to another because I never really got satisfied about how the lip balms felt on my lips. That is until
I found O.N.E Naturales Shea Butter Lip Balm.

From the official Facebook page:

Using coconut oils based waxes, bees wax, Linseed Seed Oil, Cacao Butter and Shea butter, our lip balm will surely provide the nourishment and protection it needs to reduce cases of overly dry lips that result to cracking up and dullness. With continued use, one gets the full benefits of healthier, supple looking lips. The formulator used very minimal stabilizers to prevent natural organic oils from oxidation and rancidity

The packaging

How the lip balm looks on my lips

I say
  • Very moisturizing on the lips
  • Feels light weight
  • Gives a little shine
  • Smells and taste good (sweet actually, the green one smells and tastes like pandan. The Coconut one really does taste like sweet coconut and the honey one is self explanatory lol)
  • The little pot contains a lot of product
  • Can last 2-3 months depending on the usage
  • Has six available flavors
  • Has cute packaging
  • Ingredients listed on the back of the pot

  • Only available in a pot (I have to bring another lip balm in a stick form when I am out and about)
  • The smell and taste might not be for everyone
  • People who are used to heavier lip balms might not like this although you can build this up on your lips to give you a so called “heavier feel”

Price: Php 199 for 0.36oz or 10grams

Where to buy?
At your local SM department stores and selected Watsons
This lip balm lasts a pretty long time on my lips before I have to re-apply, take note that I do put a lot of this on my lips because I am one of those people who like to feel that they have lip balm on. But even if you just put a small amount, it would still last longer than most lip balms.

Overall I just love this lip balm. You get a lot of product for an affordable price considering how much product you get and how well it works. I have gone through about four of these in the span of about 10 months and I am now on my 5th one thats about to be finished (can you tell just how much I love this). I just wish they had this available in a stick form because I don’t bring a potted lip balm around in my bag and apply it, its just unhygienic

How about you guys, what kind of lip balm do you use?

You can find O.N.E Naturales at the following sites:

P.S.: Sorry for the wonky alignment, I havent been here in a while. It'll be better next time :)


  1. I don't use lip balm that much but this one sounds great! I'll keep my eyes open for it. Thanks for sharing such an informative review :)


  2. you did an amazing review :)
    thank you for sharing all those info!


  3. i like the packaging ^-^ i never saw this brand in my country though :c thanks for sharing ^-^

    Enter my giveaway and win a 25$ shopping card :)

    Love * Monstros no Armário

  4. I've been curious about this :)

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