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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Etude House Haul

Ok the day after I found out about Etude House in Festival Mall I went back there initially to get the shoes I bought changed since I got the wrong pair
I then went to Etude House and decided to buy some polishes. I had a mini budget of 500 php (around $10) so I could get the Pink Membership card there. I actually nearly went to 1,000 php (about $20) because the polishes looked so pretty and I got a couple of eyeshadows as well. Whats funny about that experience is that I had a list of things I wanted to buy before I even payed for the things I got.

Here are the pics of the haul
The really cute packaging
What was inside the bag.
L-R: Nail art pen in red, Frech manicure polishes in white and black (I use these for nail art instead but they do work nicely when you want a french tip), silver nail polis, mauve pink nail polish, top coat and base coat. Eyeshadows in orange and nude
I dont really have the names of the colors because they are in Korean and I cant read Korean yet
Here is the pink membership card but for some reason it turned orange on my cam. The shade of pink of this card is the same the the packaging of Etude House
The free Lee Min-Ho folder I got for my purchase and the info paper about the Pink Membership card which is also pink XD
Then after that I remembered that I wanted to buy some Sally Hansen base/top coat. I got there for a buy one take one promo. Kinda feel stupid though cause I about a base and top coat at Etude House before I got these. I forgot I was planning on buying these
This has nothing to do with the haul since I got this the day before this haul but I just remembered I got this card because of the Pink Membership card from Etude. I got this since this can get me points from the MAC stores here since Rustans is the distributor of MAC here.
I'm going to post some looks after this and a little nail art I did as well

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I suddenly had this thought after reading my friends blog here http://chenachen.blogspot.com/2010/03/kamotetv-shooting-ikemen-henshins-sm.html

I thought "Oooooh I wanna blog about things like that too" but when I made this blog for the first time I decided that I would just blog about things that I think are important or at least something that wont be considered as spamming but when I did that I could barely blog cause not everything in my life is exciting to others or I just plan forget.

After that when I got into make up I thought I why not make my blog a beauty blog but then that takes a lot of time and money to do that. I also wanted to blog about my life in general now because of what Chena said, that I can blog about anything even if they seem a bit out of the blue. So if I did that this blog would be a mix of all my interest making this place seem chaotic but then I thought "Why not, it just shows that I am intested in quite a few things".

So starting now I'll blog about make up, photography, cosplay, my friends, etc. Anything that would just interest me that I would like to share with everyone. Hence the title of this entry as well the my blog title in Livejournal. I will be only doing this here and in my Livejournal account.

I really had a lot more to say but somewhere while typing this it got lost. So thats it for now cause my head is starting to ache and I need some sleep

Till the next time (which will hopefully be soon)

Etude House YAY

Today we went to Festival to buy some foundation and shoes for our graduation. So we went to Robinsons since I had to find a nice pair of shoes that are cheap (altough I do have to return them since I got the wrong style -_-). After buying some shoes we decided to go home already since it was getting pretty late and a few steps out of Robinson I saw Etude House. I was surprised since I wasnt expecting it at all, I immediately ran over there. Really I did, the ones who were with me were surprised that I ran and they thought I just saw a cute guy XD LOL

I was so happy that we have an Etude House that is more accessible. I didnt really get anything since I didnt have much money anymore but I am planning on buying some of their nail art polishes that I played with while at the store. Now I must save up money to get those and a few more products. ^____________^

Its located at the 2nd floor of Festival mall near Robinsons

Monday, March 15, 2010

Swatches: NYX lipsticks and Elianto eyeshadows

Here are the swatches of the NYX lipsticks and Elianto eyeshadows I got from my last haul. Tea Rose was not from my last haul but I decided to put up a swatch of it anyway. Hope you guys enjoy

NYX round lipstick are really creamy and feels so nice on the lips. They definitely dont dry out your lips and I love that about these lipsticks

Bruised: A really deep burned purple brown

Chloe: Fushcia with blue sparkles

Fire: A really bright pink that looks like a bright red

Iris: Sheer nude with lots of gold spakles

Tea Rose: Pinkish mauve
I had to apply Iris quite a few times to have it show up on my skin since its really sheer
Plush red lipliner
Pinky lipliner
Sorry for the blurry picture
Elianto Eyeshadows are pretty good for the price but you have to pack them a bit to get the best results and you really have to use a base for these. These eyeshadows have a soft texture and they arent chalky at all. They have a lot of matte eyeshadows the first time I look and I am looking forward to trying more of them.
Olive green is not completely matte, it has a small amount of gold sparkes in it while Golden yellow is completely matte but it wasnt hard to blend.