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Monday, March 15, 2010

Swatches: NYX lipsticks and Elianto eyeshadows

Here are the swatches of the NYX lipsticks and Elianto eyeshadows I got from my last haul. Tea Rose was not from my last haul but I decided to put up a swatch of it anyway. Hope you guys enjoy

NYX round lipstick are really creamy and feels so nice on the lips. They definitely dont dry out your lips and I love that about these lipsticks

Bruised: A really deep burned purple brown

Chloe: Fushcia with blue sparkles

Fire: A really bright pink that looks like a bright red

Iris: Sheer nude with lots of gold spakles

Tea Rose: Pinkish mauve
I had to apply Iris quite a few times to have it show up on my skin since its really sheer
Plush red lipliner
Pinky lipliner
Sorry for the blurry picture
Elianto Eyeshadows are pretty good for the price but you have to pack them a bit to get the best results and you really have to use a base for these. These eyeshadows have a soft texture and they arent chalky at all. They have a lot of matte eyeshadows the first time I look and I am looking forward to trying more of them.
Olive green is not completely matte, it has a small amount of gold sparkes in it while Golden yellow is completely matte but it wasnt hard to blend.

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