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Sunday, February 14, 2010

My retail theraphy haul

Last week I came back from a 1 week trip in Mindoro where we had to live with the Mangyans. After a little rest I decided to go and give myself a retail theraphy ^___^

I will create a seperate post for the review and swatches so that it wont be a confusing post. Well for me at least XD

I got some stuff from Etude House, Elianto, NYX, MAC and LUSH

Here are seperate views of what I got from each brand
Etude House

L-R: Eye & Lip make up remover, Vivid false eyelashes, Oh my lash length and volume mascara, Collagen eye patch and Green tea face mask. I also got a Acne foam cleanser that I forgot to take a picture of -_-

The little tube in the pic is a sample size of thier Precious mineral BB cream that I got free for all my purchase.

Elianto (Korean cosmetic brand)
L-R: Golden yellow and Olive green

I have never actually heard of this brand before but I saw this while I was passing through the cosmetic department of SM megamall and decided to try them out since they had such nice colors. They are also pretty affordable for around 120 php for a 4g worth of product.
They do actually have a pallete that could hold up to four eyeshadows but it was too big. I think its about more of less half the size of the MAC pallete that hold 15 eyeshadows.

L-R: Lip liners in Plush red and Pinky. Lipsticks in Fire, Chloe, Iris and Bruised.
The one lipstick on top is called Medusa and I got it for my friend so I wont be able to post a swatch of that one, sorry.


Brush cleaner, Viva Glam V and Painterly paint pot
Yes I gave in and bought painterly, I wasnt really planning on getting this but I just had to buy it when I saw it.

L-R: Demon in the dark, Herbalism and Figs & Leaves
I love the smell of their store. I cant wait to go back there to try out more of thier stuff

As you can see I spent quite a bit of money that I had saved up but it was worth it. It was just too bad that my friend couldnt come since she had something to do. Oh well maybe next time we can shop together.

On this trip to MAC I wanted to get matched for a foundation but sadly I couldnt cause I am currently darker than what I used to be and I didnt want to buy a MAC foundation that I wont use that much. So I decided that I will just go back there after I go back to my original color.
So time to save up some money again so I can buy more MAC and LUSH when I go back.