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Sunday, October 17, 2010

MAC Venomous Villians haul, review and swatch

So I went to the release of the Venomous Villians yesterday at MAC Makati but sadly I couldnt stay for the workshop because I had something to do in the afternoon

So I got Wicked ways lipglass, Strange potion lipglass, Toxic tale lipstick, Resort life lipgelee, Brash and Bold pigment. I also got the Viva glam Gaga and Cyndi lipglass since they had it already

Still in the very nice packaging
From L-R Viva glam Cyndi, Viva glam Gaga, Wicked ways l/g, Strange potion l/g, Toxic tale l/s, Resort life lipgelee, Brash and Bold pigment
L-R Resort Life lipgelee, Wicked ways l/g, Strange potion l/g, Toxic Tale l/s

Resort life is a shimmery frosted lipgloss. When you put it on thickly, it like a champagne color but sheerly it just gives the lips a lot of glitter to it. It has purple pink silver and gold glitters in it
Wicked ways is a blue based cherry lipgloss. It goes on pretty dark on me but that might just be because of the natural color of my lips
Strange potion is a beautiful pinky coral that tones down the color of my lips nicely without making me look dead
Toxic tale lipstick is a really bright coral/orange lipstick. It goes on smooth but does stain the lips a little

L-R Resort Life lipgelee, Wicked ways l/g, Strange potion l/g, Toxic Tale l/s (with flash)

Brash and Bold pigment - is a very bright pink with a slight sheen to it
Sadly you cant really see it in the pics here
Brash and Bold pigment (with flash)

Top: Viva Glam Cyndi - is a very nice wearable coral. Its not as dark as the lipstick
Bottom: Viva Glam Gaga - this is a lot more creamier than the lipstick and more pale and less blue toned

I actually wanted to get the mineralized eyeshadows but sadly they were sold out already. Also I realized that I majorityly got lip products after I went to pay for them but thats ok LOL

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  1. i like viva glam cyndi and toxic tale. I don't think i'll be able to carry viva glam gaga even if it does look absolutely adorable