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Sunday, November 7, 2010

U-kiss Breaktime

I don't really think a lot of you know that I am into Jpop/Jrock (Japanense pop/rock) and Kpop (Korean pop) but I just wanted to share with you guys that I finally got my U-kiss Breaktime album and lightstick.

I was really excited when I got this, that I was literally shaking as I opened the album. The album itself was much bigger than I expected it to be but that just makes it even better.

I ordered the album and lightstick at Haechulkie shop around 2-3 weeks ago. The transaction went very smoothly and the products arrived safely. The album is 800php (estimately $18), the 10 inch lightstick is 400php (estimately $9) plus shipping the total would be 1,300php (estimately 29.50). This shop only accepts orders from Philippine buyers so international buyers would have to order somewhere else

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